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City: Stara Gradiska

25 October 2010

Adamovic and Lukic: Hellish Detention Camps and Brutal Murders

After more than two years, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has completed its presentation of evidence at the trial of Vinko Kondic, Bosko Lukic and Marko Adamovic, who are charged with crimes committed in Kljuc.
19 April 2010

Kondic et al: House Arrest

Nermin Kapetanovic, testifying for the State Prosecution at the trial for crimes committed in Kljuc, speaks about house arrest and the arrest of his brother, who was detained in the police station in Kljuc and at Manjaca detention camp.
12 October 2009

Kondic et al: Beastlike Eyes

A Prosecution witness, testifying at the trial for crimes committed in Kljuc, describes torture perpetrated against Bosniaks in Kljuc in 1992 and the participation of the two indictees in certain events.