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City: Rudo

8 February 2016

Indictment for Rudo, Visegrad and Gorazde Crimes Confirmed

The Bosnian state court has confirmed an indictment against Ahmet Sejdic, charging him with crimes committed against the civilian population and prisoners of war in the municipalities of Rudo, Visegrad and Gorazde.

30 December 2015

Bosnian Army Commander Charged with War Crimes

Former commander Ahmet Sejdic was charged with crimes against Serb civilians and prisoners of war, including illegal detention and torture, in the municipalities of Rudo, Visegrad and Gorazde.
17 November 2015

Bosnia Arrests Three for War Crimes Against Serbs

Three people including a police commander were arrested on suspicion that they detained and mistreated scores of Serb civilians, some of them children, in Gorazde, Rudo and Visegrad in 1992-93.
12 November 2015

Former Bosnian Serb Fighter Arrested For War Crimes in Rudo

The State Investigation and Protection Agency has arrested former Bosnian Serb fighter Radenko Ilic on suspicion of having participated in war crimes in Rudo, near Rogatica.
13 April 2015

Bosnia Charges Ten Serb Soldiers Over Strpci Massacre

Ten former Bosnian Serb Army troops were indicted for allegedly abducting 20 people from a train travelling from Belgrade to Bar in February 1993 and killing them.
5 December 2014

Serbia, Bosnia Arrest 14 in War Crimes Swoop

In a joint operation, Serbia and Bosnia arrested 15 people suspected of seizing 20 passengers from a train in the Bosnian town of Strpci during wartime in 1993 and killing them.
17 July 2014

Exhumation in Rudo

The remains of two persons have been exhumed from the Stankovaca pit in the vicinity of Kuzmanovici hamlet in Rudo municipality.