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City: Potocari

21 September 2014

Genocide Trial Archive Opens at Srebrenica Memorial

The Sense news agency, which covers war crimes trials, opened the new archive of case documents, witness testimonies and forensic evidence at the Srebrenica genocide memorial centre in Potocari.
16 July 2014

Separation of Men in Potocari

As the trial for genocide in Srebrenica continues, a State Prosecution witness says that he saw the separation of men in Potocari and their taking away to “a white house”.

15 July 2014

Dutch Peacekeeper Recalls 'Terrified' Srebrenica Captives

Testimony from a former member of the Dutch batallion tasked with protecting Srebrenica in 1995 described how frightened Bosniak men were separated from their families by Serb forces.

14 February 2014

Bosnia Rejects Srebrenica Massacre Prosecutions in Serbia

Sarajevo prosecutors decided not to ask Belgrade to launch two cases against former Bosnian Serb policemen accused of involvement in the Srebrenica massacres.
16 December 2013

Transportation of Men from Srebrenica to Pilica

As the trial of Aleksandar Cvetkovic for Srebrenica genocide continues, State Prosecution witnesses say that they participated in transportation of people from Srebrenica, as well as male captives.

16 September 2013

Interpretation of Mladic’s Words

As the trial continues before the Hague Tribunal of Ratko Mladic, who is charged with genocide in Srebrenica, , his Defence suggests that, when Mladic told representatives of Srebrenica Muslims that they could survive or disappear, he referred to Muslim soldiers, who had still not surrendered to the Republika Srpska Army, VRS. 

11 July 2013

Thousands Join Srebrenica Anniversary Commemorations

Huge crowds of mourners gathered in Bosnia for the 18th anniversary commemoration ceremony and the symbolic burial of the remains of more than 400 victims of the 1995 genocide.
10 July 2013

Srebrenica Killers Jailed For 553 Years so Far

The ICTY and Bosnia’s state court have together convicted 27 persons for the 1995 atrocity, with nine judgments still pending before the state court.

10 July 2013

Tribunal Delays Return of Srebrenica Victims’ Belongings

Lawyer says Hague Tribunal’s reluctance to return preserved items of massacre victims to their relatives in Bosnia is deeply frustrating.
10 July 2013

Escaping Death on the Flight From Srebrenica

Hasan Hasanovic recalls his near-death experience escaping fromSrebrenica, during the course of which he never saw his father or brotheragain.

21 June 2013

“Unnecessary” Occupation of Srebrenica

Retired intelligence Lieutenant Colonel of the Republika Srpska Army Petar Salapura says at Radovan Karadzic’s trial that the liquidation of Bosniaks had never been mentioned among members of the Main Headquarters of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, prior to the attack on Srebrenica in July 1995.

19 June 2013

Meeting Mladic in Srebrenica

Testifying at the trial of Ratko Mladic, Petar Salapura, former Chief of the Intelligence Administration of the Main Headquarters with the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, confirms that members of the Tenth Reconnaissance Squad participated in the shooting of Bosniaks from Srebrenica in July 1995.
5 June 2013

Defence Requests Acquittal or Shorter Imprisonment

Presenting its appeal against a verdict under which Bosko Lazic was sentenced to fifteen months in prison for giving false testimony, the Defence requests the Court to either acquit the indictee or pronounce shorter imprisonment sentence.

30 May 2013

All Men Should Be Killed

Former Republika Srpska Army, VRS, officer Momir Nikolic testifies at Ratko Mladic's trial and says that, one day after the fall of Srebrenica in July 1995 VRS Lieutenant Colonel Vujadin Popovic announced to him that all Muslim men from the town would be killed.

24 May 2013

Recordings of Prisoners

The trial of Ratko Mladic continues with testimony by Prosecution investigator Tomasz Blaszczyk about a film footage made by Belgrade journalist Zoran Petrovic Pirocanac in the Srebrenica surroundings following the occupation of the enclave by the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, in July 1995.