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9 July 2009

Mandic: Health Problems of the Judge and Indictee

Due to the poor health of a member of the Appellate Chamber the presentation of the Prosecution's first-instance verdict appeal in the case of Momcilo Mandic has been postponed until August.
2 October 2008

ICTY: Indictments joindering motion

On September 29 the Hague Prosecution filed a joindered indictment with the Tribunal for its confirmation.
1 April 2008

Bosnian police in Karadzic raid

Police in Bosnia have raided two houses in the search for top war crimes fugitive, Radovan Karadzic.
5 March 2008

Pressure on Hague Fugitive Network

No indictments have yet been issued against any of the people suspected of protecting Radovan Karadzic and his lieutenants in their flight from justice.
29 November 2007

Karadzic Family Files Appeal

After it reviews the appeal filed by the war crimes fugitive's family, the Appellate Chamber of the Court of BiH will decide whether it will issue a temporary ban on the free use of their property.
19 October 2007

Targeting Fugitives’ Family Finances

Bosnian observers react with suspicion to new pressure on local officials to target the finances of relatives of top war crimes suspects still at large.

18 July 2007

Mandic Trial Revisited

On the day of the pronouncement of verdict in the case of Momcilo Mandic, Justice Report gives an analysis of the trial itself and singles out some witnesses and statements.
26 April 2007

Mandic: "No complaints" from Detainees

During the defence phase of the Momcilo Mandic trial, witnesses have spoken about events in Sarajevo's detention camps.
8 March 2007

Mandic: Football Jargon in the Courtroom

After four days of hours of questioning, the testimony of war crimes indictee Momcilo Mandic is complete.
27 February 2007

Mandic: The bald truth

On the second day of the indictee's testimony, the Defence presented evidence that it claims proves that Prosecution witnesses did not tell the truth.
23 February 2007

Mandic: Tears in the courtroom

Indictee Momcilo Mandic, testifying in his own defence, has cried as he recounted an attack on a Bosnian internal affairs ministry training centre.
17 January 2007

Mandic: Torture and abuse of detainees in Foca

Former employees of the Foca correctional facility, who then became camp inmates, have testified against Momcilo Mandic.
17 January 2007

Mandic: Camp inmates "disappeared"

The murder and abuse of Foca correctional facility detainees have been discussed in court.
16 January 2007

Mandic: Separation of Bosniak detainees in Foca

Prosecution witnesses have told the Court how inmates at the Foca correctional facility were divided by ethnicity.
23 November 2006

Mandic: Handshake with Karadzic

Former camp inmate describes how he shook Radovan Karadzic’s hand for cameras