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16 June 2010

Klickovic et al: Saving People and Goods

A legal expert testifies as an expert witness at the trial of three indictees, who are charged with crimes in Bosanska Krupa and says the Serb municipality of Bosanska Krupa was established in line with the laws of that time.
25 May 2010

Klickovic et al: Arming of Local Residents

At the trial for crimes committed in Bosanska Krupa, the Defence of Gojko Klickovic examines witness Jasmin Ramic, who was apprehended after he failed to respond to earlier summonses from the Court.
16 March 2010

Klickovic et al: Disciplining of Serbs

Gojko Klickovic, one of the indictees charged with crimes committed in Bosanska Krupa, continues presenting material evidence, arguing that Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina experienced "aggression from outside and an attack from inside".
15 December 2009

Klickovic et al: Influential People From Krupa

A former Commander of the Territorial Defence in Bosanska Krupa says that Gojko Klickovic was one of "the influential people" in that town, adding that he heard that Mladen Drljaca "questioned" prisoners of war "a little bit" before the Court in Jasenica.
17 June 2009

Klickovic et al: Crime Scene Inspection in Arapusa

A former president of the municipal court in Bosanska Krupa testifies for Gojko Klickovic’s defence and speaks about the events that preceded the conflict in that area. 
14 March 2008

Klickovic: Former investigative judge to be in defence team

Hamdija Veladzic, a former investigative judge from Bihac will be in the Defence team for Gojko Klickovic despite objections from the Prosecution for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
11 January 2008

Klickovic: Plea Hearing Postponed

The repeated requests of Gojko Klickovic's Defence for postponement of the plea hearing have been approved by judges, with the Prosecution's consent.