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City: Ostra Luka

9 March 2016

Witnesses Give Differing Testimony on Alleged Shooting of Ostra Luka Civilian

Witnesses for the prosecution and the defense had differing testimony on whether defendant Ratko Marinovic wounded Milomir Antunovic in the Ostra Luka area in 1992.

25 February 2016

Witness in Marinovic Trial Says Injured Party “Spread Propaganda”

A witness testifying at the Ratko Marinovic trial said he knew the injured party in the case. He described the injured party as a “rather negative person who spread propaganda.” Marinovic has been charged with war crimes committed in Ovanjska, near Ostra Luka.

24 February 2016

Injured Party Said Ratko Marinovic Shot Him in 1992

Testifying at the trial of Ratko Marinovic, witness Milomir Antunovic told the district court of Banja Luka that the defendant shot at him.

18 January 2016

Indictment Against Marinovic for Ostra Luka Crimes Confirmed

The district court of Banja Luka has confirmed an indictment against Ratko Marinovic, charging him with war crimes against the civilian population in Ovanjska village, near Ostra Luka.