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City: Novi Grad

5 October 2015

Ratko Goronja Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

The district court of Banja Luka has sentenced Ratko Goronja to six years in prison for war crimes against civilians in Novi Grad.

15 September 2015

Witnesses Deny Knowledge of Murder at Goronja Trial

A defense witness testifying at the Ratko Goronja trial said he hadn’t heard that the defendant had murdered anyone in June 1992.

8 June 2015

Ratko Goronja Trial Begins

The Ratko Goronja trial began with a reading of the indictment, introductory statements and the examination of the first prosecution witnesses at the district court of Banja Luka.
23 April 2015

Goronja Denies Charges, Pleads Not Guilty

Ratko Goronja plead not guilty before the District Court in Banja Luka to charges that he killed a Bosniak civilian in 1992.
9 December 2011

Mladic: Trial May Begin in March 2012

At a hearing held before The Hague Tribunal, Ratko Mladic pleads not guilty to the charges for murder of more than 30 Bosniaks in Bisina village in July 1995 and the Trial Chamber announces that his trial may begin in March next year.
7 July 2010

Karadzic: Quick-tempered Man

Momcilo Mandic said the Party of Democratic Action, SDA, functioned in an unconstitutional and unlawful manner in 1992, adding it worked towards creating Muslim armed forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina .