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City: Mostar

29 May 2013

Historical or Shameful Verdict

While some consider the first instance verdict against six former Herceg-Bosna leaders shameful and unfair, others say it is a historical decision, which proves that crimes were committed in the Herzegovina and Central Bosnia area.

29 May 2013

Hague Jails Bosnian Croat Leaders For 111 Years

The Hague Tribunal has convicted six Bosnian Croat leaders of war crimes in the short-lived unrecognised statelet of Herzeg-Bosna, giving them sentences totalling 111 years.

28 May 2013

Slapped by Ivan Zelenika

Testifying at the trial of former members of the Croatian Defence Forces, HOS, a State Prosecution witness says that Ivan Zelenika handcuffed him to a pipe in the military dispensary in Mostar.

15 April 2013

Verdict against Six Herceg-Bosna Leaders on May 29

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, ICTY, is due to pronounce a verdict against Jadranko Prlic, Bruno Stojnic, Slobodan Praljak, Milivoje Petkovic, Valentin Coric and Berislav Pusic, who are charged with crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on May 29.

5 April 2013

Soldier Stomping on the Bosnian Croat Forces Commander

At the trial for crimes committed in Jablanica, a witness for the Prosecution said he was brutally beaten in the Battle of Neretva museum on July 10, 1993.

27 February 2013

Zelenika et al: Witness Describes Formation of Croatian Defence Forces

At the trial of former members of the Croatian Defence Forces, the witness for the Prosecution said that Edib Buljubasic was present in Dretelj in 1992, while Srecko Herceg was head of the Training Centre.
15 January 2013

Zelenika et al: Croatian Fighters’ Trial Told of Brutal Rapes

A former prisoner said she was raped by Croatian Defence Forces fighters while others were abused and humiliated at the Dretelj detention camp.
14 December 2012

Local Justice - Mostar: Trial for “Vranica” Crimes Postponed

The Cantonal Court in Mostar postpones the retrial of three indictees who are charged with crimes committed in the Vranica building in the Mostar area, until further notice.
10 December 2012

Bosnia Marks Human Rights Day with Mock Funeral

Human rights activists in various cities marched peacefully in order to point out crude violations of human rights across Bosnia and Herzegovina.
24 October 2012

Local Justice - Mostar: Fourth Trial for “Vranica”

The fourth retrial of three indictees, who are charged with crimes in Mostar, in the case called “Vranica”, is due to begin on December 13 – as agreed at a status conference held before the Cantonal Court in Mostar.
5 July 2012

Zelenika et al: Serbs locked in Dretelj

At the for crimes committed in the Dretelj military prison, the first witness for the Prosecution said that he saw prisoners in this facility, but that he did not see whether they were injured or not.
25 April 2012

Raguz et al: Witness Removed from Courtroom

A State Prosecution witness, who testifies at the trial for crimes in Stolac and Capljina, has changed his statement completely, saying that it is not true that detainees were transported to the Kostana hospital as per an order issued by indictee Veselko Raguz.
2 March 2012

Indictment for Dretelj Crimes Filed

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina files an indictment against five persons, charging them with crimes against humanity against Serb victims, who were held in Dretelj detention camp in 1992.
10 January 2012

Bosnian Croat war criminal released from prison

Vinko Martinovic (48), bosnian Croat convicted to 18 years in prison for war crimes against Bosnian muslims in Mostar in 1993, was released yesterday after twelve years in prison, International criminal court for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) published yesterday.
4 October 2011

Local Justice - Hakalovic: Retrial Begins

The retrial of Sead Hakalovic, who is indicted for crimes against civilians in Gostovici village, Konjic municipality, begins with reading of the indictment and presentation of introductory statements before the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.