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City: Mostar

7 November 2006

Alic detained, Kurtovic released

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina gave indictee Sefik Alic one-month detainment, and released Zijad Kurtovic.
3 November 2006

Trial chamber ponders Kurtovic decision

Although a judge has already ruled that the suspect should be set free, he remains in custody until the trial chamber announces the decision.
1 September 2006

Suspect trio detained for three months

Marko Radic, Damir Brekalo and Dragan Sunjic are to be held for the duration of the investigation.
4 May 2006

Tuta and Stela sentence confirmed

Two Bosnian Croat officers, Mladen Naletilic Tuta and Vinko Martinovic Stela, have had their sentences confirmed by the Hague tribunal on appeal.