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City: Mostar

29 December 2010

BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina: Six years of intensive work

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN B&H) has launched a series of new projects in 2010, by which it intensified the work on informing the public about the war crimes trials, and thus achieved significant results in the sixth year of its existence
11 November 2010

Indictment for Mostar Crimes Confirmed

The State Court has confirmed an indictment against Velibor Bogdanovic, a former member of the Croatian Defence Council, who is charged with crimes against civilians committed in the Mostar area.
9 November 2010

Local Justice: Anniversary of Mostar Bridge Destruction Marked

Although the anniversary of the destruction of the Old Mostar Bridge is not officially marked in Bosnia, on Tuesday citizens observed the occasion by dropping lilies into the Neretva river that runs under the bridge.

25 October 2010

Local Justice: Search for the Missing Continues in Herzegovina

Although the bodies of more than 2,000 people killed during the war in Bosnia have already been exhumed from graves in the Herzegovina area, the Institute for Missing People says the search for 750 more people continues.

22 October 2010

Radic et al: New Defence Attorney for First Indictee

The Appellate Chamber of the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has released attorney Dragan Barbaric from his duties. Ragib Hodzic from Zenica will now serve as indictee Marko Radic’s attorney.
28 September 2010

Radic et al: Sudden Replacement of Defence Attorney

The retrial for crimes committed against detainees in Vojno, near Mostar, has been postponed due to the replacement of the Defence attorney for indictee Marko Radic, who revoked the power of attorney for Dragan Barbaric.

24 September 2010

Radic et al: Sadistic Cruelty

A protected Prosecution witness testified at the retrial of four former members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, and said he was beaten up and tortured several times during the course of his detention at the Vojno detention camp, near Mostar.
16 September 2010

Radic et al: Large Number of Protected Witnesses

At the appeals trial of four indictees accused of crimes committed in the Mostar municipality, the Defence complained about the large number of protected prosecution witnesses.
30 June 2010

Mostar witnesses unwilling to testify

Lack of witness protection is putting war crimes prosecutions at risk in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, HNK, with victims unwilling to testify in court.
28 May 2010

Radic et al: Retrial to Begin on July 6

The retrial of four indictees who are charged with crimes against humanity committed in Vojno, near Mostar, is due to begin before the Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday, July 6.

24 May 2010

Seven People Awaiting Verdicts at Liberty

Seven people awaiting the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to pronounce second instance verdicts in cases that have been brought against them are currently at liberty. They were sentenced, by first instance verdicts, to between five and 14 years in prison for war crimes.

16 March 2010

Radic et al: Increased Sentences or Retrial

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls for an increase in the sentences handed down to the three indictees convicted of crimes committed in Vojno, near Mostar, while the Defence calls for the first instance verdict to be overturned and a retrial to be conducted.
4 January 2010

BIRN Marks Five Years of Growth in Bosnia

New radio and TV shows have enabled us to bring news and analysis of war crimes trials, and of the judicial process in general, to a growing audience.
1 September 2009

Second-instance Verdict for Donja Dreznica Crimes

A second-instance verdict has been pronounced by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, sentencing Zijad Kurtovic to 11 years in prison for crimes committed in Dreznica.
27 February 2009

Support to "innocent convicts"

A first-instance verdict pronounced by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina for crimes committed in Vojno detention camp is greeted with anger by Croat associations.