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City: Mostar

2 September 2011

Warrant issued over Velibor Bogdanovic

Based on a request from the State Court, an international warrant is issued for Velibor Bogdanovic who is sentenced in absentia to six years in prison for crimes against civilians in Mostar 1993.
10 August 2011

Court Experts: An Unnecessary Expense?

There are some who believe, particularly the victims of war crimes, that the expert analysis of indictees, which decides whether an indictee is fit to stand trial for war crimes before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is in fact an unnecessary drain on budgetary resources and obstructs the court proceedings.
8 July 2011

Bogdanovic: No Doubt about Crime

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls on the Trial Chamber to pronounce a verdict of conviction against Velibor Bogdanovic, who is charged with war crimes in Mostar.
23 May 2011

Local Justice: Families of Victims from Vranica Await Start of Retrial

Families of members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, who were last seen alive in the “Vranica” building in Mostar are disappointed that no one has been successfully tried for the murder of their loved ones 18 years after they went missing.
10 May 2011

Bogdanovic: Giving an Alibi

At the trial for war crimes committed in Mostar, a Defence witness offers an alibi for indictee Velibor Bogdanovic, saying that he was not present at the crime scene in May 1993.


20 April 2011

Local Justice: Search for Missing Persons in Herzegovina

Following a several-month break for winter weather, the Institute for Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina has begun searching for missing persons in the Herzegovina area and discovered one unidentified body at Krusevica locality, Mostar municipality.
28 March 2011

Defence Lawyers Complain of Unfair Treatment

Attorneys for war-crime indictees before local courts say they don’t get the same help that prosecutors do - and wait too long to get paid.
15 March 2011

Bogdanovic: Recalling a Meeting

A Prosecution witness claims to have seen indictee Velibor Bogdanovic in the apartment of her neighbour, who was allegedly raped by the indictee.

10 March 2011

Radic et al: 69 Years for Crimes Committed in Vojno

Marko Radic, Dragan Sunjic, Damir Brekalo and Mirko Vracevic have been found guilty, under a second instance verdict, of murder, rape, torture and other inhumane acts committed against Bosniaks in Vojno, and their sentences have been reduced by 11 years.
18 February 2011

Radic et al: Doubts over Veracity of Witness Statements

Presenting its closing statements at the retrial for crimes committed in Vojno, near Mostar, the Defence of indictee Dragan Sunjic says that the Prosecution has not proved the crimes for which he is charged, calling on the Appellate Chamber to render a verdict of release.
16 February 2011

Radic et al: Prosecution Asks for Longer Prison Sentences

Presenting its closing statement at the retrial for crimes committed in Vojno, near Mostar, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina asked the Court to pronounce longer imprisonment sentences against the four indictees.

11 February 2011

Vlatko Jarak to Be Tried in Mostar

As per a decision rendered by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the trial of Vlatko Jarak, who is indicted for crimes committed in Stolac, will continue before the Cantonal Court in Mostar.

11 February 2011

Radic et al: “Amateur” Recording of Exchange

At the retrial of four former members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, for crimes committed in Vojno, near Mostar, a recording of an exchange of civilians made in December 1993 was shown in the courtroom.
9 February 2011

Radic et al: “Collection Center” in Vojno

At the retrial for crimes committed in Vojno, near Mostar, Major-General Slavko Puljic testifies again in defence of indictee Marko Radic and say he heard about “the existence of the detention camp”.
2 February 2011

Bogdanovic: Gun Pointed at Head

A Prosecution witness identifies indictee Velibor Bogdanovic as the person who came to his apartment accompanied by five other unidentified soldiers in May 1993, and raped his wife and took him to Heliodrom detention camp.