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City: Modrica

17 April 2015

Court Rejected Charges against Kovacevic

The trial chamber of the district court of Doboj has rejected the charges against Jovisa Kovacevic, who was charged with crimes against prisoners of war in the territory of Modrica.

23 March 2015

Kovacevic Denies Allegations from Indictment

Jovisa Kovacevic, charged with committing war crimes in the Modrica area, testified in his own defense today at the district court in Doboj.

12 March 2015

State Prosecution Witness Describes Beatings in Modrica

A witness at the Jovisa Kovacevic trial said the defendant verbally and physically abused him during his detainment in Modrica.

27 February 2015

Kovacevic Trial Begins in March

The Jovisa Kovacevic trial will begin at the district court in Doboj on March 12.

28 January 2015

Kovacevic Pleads not Guilty

Jovisa Kovacevic appears before the District Court in Doboj and pleads not guilty of crimes against prisoners of war in the Modrica area.
21 October 2011

More than 40 Victims Found in Modrica Area

Remains of more than 40 people who were killed in the past Bosnian war, have been found during an exhumation conducted under the supervision of the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina at Jakes-Staro Dzamiste, near Modrica.