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City: Kamenica

17 December 2013

Request for Revocation of Delic’s Verdict Rejected

The Hague Tribunal rejects a request for revocation of a verdict against Rasim Delic due to alleged biasness of one of the judges, saying that, due to the death of the former Commander of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is no legal ground for reconsidering the verdict.

10 July 2013

Escaping Death on the Flight From Srebrenica

Hasan Hasanovic recalls his near-death experience escaping fromSrebrenica, during the course of which he never saw his father or brotheragain.

21 June 2013

Rasim Delic’s Defence Requests Quashing of Verdict

Attorney Vasvija Vidovic requests quashing of a first instance verdict against Rasim Delic following a recent letter sent by Frederik Harhoff, a judge with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, ICTY, from Denmark.

10 June 2013

Sentence against Ratko Dronjak Increased

The Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina increases the sentence against Ratko Dronjak for crimes in Drvar from 15 to 18 years in prison.

16 May 2013

Road to Death

Testifying at the trial of Ratko Mladic, witnesses from Srebrenica says that they lost their husbands, sons and other relatives, whom were captured by Republika Srpska Army, VRS, members, following the fall of the enclave in July 1995.

22 February 2013

Dronjak: Bosnian Serb Prison Chief’s Sentence Contested

Both prosecution and defence appealed against the 15-year prison term given to Ratko Dronjak for jailing and abusing civilian inmates in the Bosnian town of Drvar.
13 April 2012

Dronjak: Closing Statement Due May 10

The Presentation of evidence at the trial of Ratko Dronjak, who is charged with crimes in Drvar, has been completed with examination of two last Defence witnesses. The presentation of State Prosecution’s closing statement is scheduled for May 10.
29 February 2012

Dronjak: Death on Frontline or in Detention Camp

A Defence witness says, at the trial of Ratko Dronjak, that, in his capacity as manager of the prison in Kamenica, the indictee did not have the authority to bring or take prisoners away and participate in exchange of prisoners.
19 January 2012

Dronjak: Burying the Dead next to Detention Camp

Testifying in his defence, Ratko Dronjak, who is charged with crimes in Drvar, says that, in his capacity as manager of a military prison in Kamenica, he rarely visited the premises, where prisoners of war were held.
15 December 2011

Dronjak: The Arrests of the Muslim Population

At the trial of Ratko Dronjak, who is charged with crimes in Drvar, a witness of the Defence said that he knew that the arrests of Muslims from the area of the municipality began at the end of May 1992, but that it is not known to him that these people were taken to Kamenica.
3 November 2011

Dronjak: Presentation of Material Evidence

At the trial for crimes in Drvar, the State Prosecution presents material evidence, referring, among other things, to the murders in Kamenica, which are charged upon indictee Ratko Dronjak..

29 September 2011

Dronjak: Murders in Kamenica

Two State Prosecution witnesses say that their family members were taken to Kamenica detention camp, Drvar municipality, and never came back. Those crimes are charged upon Ratko Dronjak.
2 September 2011

Dronjak: Murder of Brother

A State Prosecution witness saod during trial for crimes in Drvar, that his brother was murdered near the Kamenica camp near Drvar after the camp warden called for him.
25 August 2011

Dronjak: Murder of Only Son

Testifying at the trial for crimes in Drvar, a State Prosecution says that he is angry at indictee Ratko Dronjak, because he “personally” killed his only son.
15 July 2011

Dronjak: Trial Plan Presented

During a status conference held as part of the trial of Ratko Dronjak, who is charged with crimes in Drvar, the State Prosecution says that the presentation of evidence should be completed in October this year.