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City: Ilijas

20 October 2015

Prosecutor Facing Disciplinary Proceedings for Alleged Neglect of Ilijas Case

A disciplinary prosecutor requested that Bosnian state prosecutor Mirko Lecic be found guilty of negligence in dealing with a war crimes investigation in the Ilijas area.

26 August 2015

Bosnia Charges Prosecutor with War Crimes Case Negligence

State-level prosecutor Mirko Lecic is accused of negligently stalling an investigation into war crimes against Serb civilians in a village near Sarajevo for over four years.
26 December 2014

Part of life unforgettably taken

After months spent in custody and years spent on trial, some indictees were however pronounced not guilty of war crimes. They are trying to live a “normal” life again, but say that the trial took a part of their life and that it cannot be forgotten.

26 August 2014

Voluntary Departure from Ilijas

Ratko Adzic, one of wartime Serb leaders from Ilijas, says at Ratko Mladic’s trial that Bosniaks and Croats were not deported from Ilijas municipality during the Bosnian war.
17 April 2013

Vogosca Witness Recalls Use as Human Shield

At the trial for crimes committed in Vogosca, a witness for the prosecution said he was held captive in Planjina Kuca in 1992, where he regularly saw Branko Vlaco.

6 December 2012

Ilijas War Victims Lament Justice’s Snail’s Pace

About 200 people from Ilijas were killed in spring 1992 following a Bosnian Serb assault on the town and surrounding villages – and over 50 remain missing. Yet almost no one has yet been held responsible.
22 November 2011

Pustivuk: Presentation of Evidence Completed

The presentation of evidence at the trial of Srpko Pustivuk, who is charged with crimes against civilians in Ilijas municipality in May 1992, has been completed with the examination of the last witnesses of the State Court’s Chamber.
28 September 2011

Pustivuk: Ethical and Professional Policeman

A witness testifying in defence of Srpko Pustivuk, who is charged with crimes in Ilijas, says that police neither planned nor conducted an attack on Gornja Bioca village in late May 1992.

23 August 2011

Pustivuk: Prosecution's Evidence Presentation Completed

The State Prosecution completes the presentation of evidence at the trial of Srpko Pustivuk, who is charged with crimes in the Ilijas area, with the examination of its last witnesses and presentation of material evidence.
17 June 2011

Outcry Over Limit to War Crimes Defence Lawyers

State Court says it will pay for only one defence lawyer per war-crimes case in future. Attorneys say the move will inevitably affect the quality of the service they can offer.
17 May 2011

Pustivuk: The Sound of Shooting and Shouting

Appearing at a trial for crimes committed in Ilijas, State Prosecution witnesses say that after the murder of two neighbours, other Bosniaks were detained in a school building in Gornja Bioca village and then transferred to various detention camps.
13 May 2011

Week ahead: Decision On Bugojno Crimes Plea Deal

Following two hearings to discuss an agreement between Enes Handzic and the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina is due to render a decision next week on whether to accept or reject the plea deal.
19 April 2011

Pustivuk: Company "Led by Indictee"

A Prosecution witness says that in May 1992 Srpko Pustivuk, former member of the Public Safety Station in Ilijas, led the group of armed men who allegedly conducted an attack on Gornja Bioca village.

25 March 2011

Week ahead: Two Pre-Trial Status Conferences

In the last week of March, pre-trial status conferences are due to be held before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the trial for crimes committed in Kotor Varos and the retrial for crimes committed in Zvornik.

22 March 2011

Pustivuk: Statements Heard

At the trial for crimes committed against civilians in Ilijas, the State Court hears statements given previously by three protected witnesses.