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City: Foca

10 April 2015

Witness Describes Meeting Injured Party at Fundup Trial

Testifying at the Radoman Fundup trial, a protected state prosecution witness said she met a wounded woman in June 1992, who told her that Fundup had attacked her.
27 March 2015

Witnesses Describe Detainment and Killing of Civilians at Fundup Trial

Testifying at the Radoman Fundup trial, state prosecution witness Kadir Halilovic said he heard that Fundup killed his mother in June 1992.

3 March 2015

Radoman Fundup Trial Begins

The trial of Radoman Fundup began today at the Bosnian state court.
17 February 2015

Fundup Trial to Begin in March

The Radoman Fundup trial will most probably begin on March 3, at which date the indictment will be read and introductory statements will be presented.
3 February 2015

Fundup Pleads Not Guilty to Murder and Abuse

Radoman Fundup, charged with war crimes committed in Foca in 1992, pleaded not guilty before the State Court.

9 January 2015

Custody Extension for Fundup Requested

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, requests the State Court to order an extension of custody for Radoman Fundup, who is charged with murder of civilians in the Foca area. The Defence objects to the proposal.

25 December 2014

Indictment against Fundup Filed

The State Prosecution files an indictment against Radoman Fundup, also known as Raso, a former member of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, charging him with crimes against humanity in the Foca area.

12 December 2014

Radoman Fundup Ordered into Custody

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, orders one-month custody for Radoman Fundup, who is suspected of having killed several Bosniak civilians in the Foca area.
11 December 2014

Alleged Bosnian Wartime Child-Killer Surrenders

Former Bosnian Serb Army soldier Radoman Fundup, who is suspected of killing several civilians including children aged six and 13 in Foca in 1992, gave himself up to the authorities.

24 November 2014

Bosnian Serb Refugee Recalls Son’s Murder

A woman testified how her son was shot dead when Serb civilians were attacked by Bosniak forces while fleeing from the Gorazde area in 1992.

7 November 2014

Trial for Rogatica and Foca Crimes Begins November 21

The trial of four former members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, who are charged with crimes committed in the Rogatica and Foca areas in 1992, is due to begin on November 21 with the reading of the indictment, presentation of introductory statements and examination of the first State Prosecution witness.

30 October 2014

Reception Centre in Susica

Testifying in defence of Ratko Mladic, a witness says that there was a reception center, in which both Serb and Bosniaks found shelter, in Susica, near Vlasenica, in 1992.
23 October 2014

Witness Recalls Driving Potocari Men

At the trial of Ratko Mladic, Defence witness Miladin Mladjenovic said that on July 12 and 13, 1995 he drove civilians and military able men, who were gathered in Potocari, near Srebrenica.
22 October 2014

Muslims Planned ‘Slaughter’ in Vlasenica

A defence witness told Ratko Mladic’s war crimes trial that he saw a Bosniak municipal official’s journal that contained information about preparations for an attack in Vlasenica in 1992.
21 October 2014

Muslims are guilty for war at Foca

Wartime president of the executive council of Foca municipality said, at Ratko Mladic trial, that Muslim are to blame for outbreak of war in the city.