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City: Foca

26 September 2006

Jankovic: New documents plea

Tužilaštvo Bosne i Hercegovine će ove sedmice, nakon iznošenja materijalnih dokaza, okončati dokazni postupak protiv Gojka Jankovića
23 September 2006

Nedjo Samardzic to appear before judges again

Appeals filed by both sides to the verdict to Nedjo Samardzic will be considered next week. Nikola Kovacevic and Marko Samardzija will testify to their defence.
31 August 2006

Jankovic hearing closed to public

The indictee was removed from the courtroom and the trial closed to the public at the request of the prosecution.
4 August 2006

Witness: "Jankovic raped me"

Another prosecution witness claims defendant Gojko Jankovic raped her on numerous occasions between July and August 1992.
3 August 2006

Two witnesses claim that Jankovic raped them

Two witnesses spoke of their wartime detention in Foca, where they say they were forced to have sexual relations with Serb soldiers - including the indictee.
18 July 2006

Jankovic enters a second not guilty plea

After receiving a second indictment relating to crimes committed in Foca, Gojko Jankovic pleads not guilty.
18 July 2006

Jankovic hostages claim

In the continuation of the main hearing in the case against Gojko Jankovic, the prosecution presented another protected witness who was a victim of rape in women's camps in Foca.
17 July 2006

Mandic indictment confirmed

The war crimes chamber has confirmed an indictment against a senior official of the wartime Bosnian Serb government.
4 July 2006

Jankovic: Additional indictment confirmed

The War Crimes Chamber has confirmed an additional indictment against Gojko Jankovic, claiming he is responsible for the rape of another Bosniak woman in Foca.
3 July 2006

Milica Jankovic: I tried to convince Gojko to surrender

In March 2005, Gojko Jankovic, charged with war crimes committed in Foca, surrendered to the Hague Tribunal. A few months earlier, his wife, Milica Jankovic, went to Russia to persuade the then fugitive to surrender. Justice Report publishes the statement she gave to the Republika Srpska police at the time.
14 June 2006

Samardzic: Prosecution launches appeal

The first instance judgement that sentenced Nedjo Samardzic to 12 years' imprisonment - and rejected many counts of the indictment - is criticised by the prosecution
21 April 2006

Jankovic trial starts

The trial of Gojko Jankovic, charged with crimes against humanity, started today with the opening words of state prosecutor Philip Alcock.
7 April 2006

Samardzic sentenced to 13 years

Bosnian Serb found guilty of multiple rape, beatings, murder and the sexual slavery of women in Foca.
30 March 2006

Samardzic Trial Reopens

Bosnian court overturns prosecutor's decision to exclude public from trial of Foca accused, but makes no announcement on Radovan Stankovic case.
17 March 2006

Justice report: The week ahead

Trials of Simsic, Paunovic, Stankovic and Samardzic will continue in front of Court of BiH next week.