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City: Foca

23 November 2006

Mandic: Handshake with Karadzic

Former camp inmate describes how he shook Radovan Karadzic’s hand for cameras
22 November 2006

Samardzic: Re-trial Opens

After revoking first instance verdict, Appellate Council hears new case against Nedjo Samardzic.
21 November 2006

Mandic: Kula Cleaned Up for International Inspection

Witnesses in the Momcilo Mandic trial remember top officials’ visit to prison camp because of rare chance to wash.
17 November 2006

Mandic: Witnesses describe attack on Vrace center

Three prosecution witnesses have given statements on the attack on the Vraca Police Training Centre.
7 November 2006

Stankovic defence presents closing arguments

The defence has dismissed the prosecution's evidence as unreliable and denounced witnesses' statements as staged and emotion-driven.
7 November 2006

Mandic defence may call Paddy Ashdown

The indictee has given an opening statement at the start of the war crimes proceedings against him.
3 November 2006

Todovic and Rasevic: Detention extended

The two Hague indictees, who were transferred to Sarajevo at the beginning of October, are to be kept in custody for another two months.
31 October 2006

Vukovic pleads not guilty

Foca accused denies allegations of rape.
30 October 2006

Prosecution wraps up case against Stankovic

Prosecutors offer closing arguments against former Bosnian Serb soldier accused of rape and torture in Foca municipality.
19 October 2006

Jankovic: First defence witnesses

Indictee's attorney has called seven witnesses to refute the prosecution's claims that his client raped women in Foca.
13 October 2006

Stankovic: Trial without an indictee

The public had the opportunity to be present at one of the hearings at the trial of Radovan Stankovic - but not to see the indictee in the courtroom.
9 October 2006

Samardzic faces retrial after verdict is revoked

Foca accused will stand trial again after appeals chamber quashed his first instance verdict.
3 October 2006

Todovic and Rasevic head for Sarajevo

Two more Hague indictees will be transferred to the court of Bosnia and Herzegovina within the month.
28 September 2006

Call to scrap Samardzic judgement

Both the defence and prosecution have asked for the initial judgement to be annulled or altered, and a new procedure initiated.
28 September 2006

Jankovic: Rape victimes' stories heard in court

The prosecution closes its case with the reading of statements from two witnesses who claim the indictee personally raped them in 1992.