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City: Foca

16 January 2007

Mandic: Separation of Bosniak detainees in Foca

Prosecution witnesses have told the Court how inmates at the Foca correctional facility were divided by ethnicity.
16 January 2007

Todovic and Rasevic stay away from court

In the absence of the indictees, who are refusing to attend hearing, the Court determined that they deny the statements in the indictment.
10 January 2007

Vukovic trial postponed by hunger strike

Foca rape accused has joined the group of war crimes indictees who began a hunger strike this week.
5 January 2007

Todovic and Rasevic: Indictment accepted

Savo Todovic and Mitar Rasevic are charged with crimes committed against civilians who were detained in Correctional Facility Foca.
22 December 2006

Busy year for Bosnian War Crimes Chamber

During 2006 Bosnia’s war crimes chamber confirmed 19 indictments and passed nine verdicts handing out 130 years and four months of prison time in total.
20 December 2006

Mandic: Four more ex-detainees testify

Four prosecution witnesses have said that they remember Mandic's visits to the camps where they were detained.
20 December 2006

Jankovic: Drama in court

The prosecutor accused a defence witness of rape during cross examination at the trial of Gojko Jankovic.
14 December 2006

Vukovic trial to begin on January 10.

The defence has asked for a closed trial in order to protect the private life of Foca rape accused.
14 December 2006

Samardzic gets 24-year jail sentence

In the re-trial of Nedjo Samardzic, the Appeals Chamber sentenced him to 24 years' imprisonment for crimes committed in Foca.

8 December 2006

Samardzic verdict to be announced on December 13

Both the prosecution and the defence have presented their closing arguments before the appellate council, marking the final phase of the retrial.
5 December 2006

Samardzic: Closing arguments to be made

Both the prosecution and the defence have finished presenting physical evidence in the retrial of Nedjo Samardzic.
28 November 2006

Samardzic: Victims cried in vain

The Appellate Council has heard the audio testimonies of girls who had been held in Karaman's House.
27 November 2006

Samardzic: Court hears of rape trauma

Appeal judges in the retrial of Nedjo Samardzic hear the testimony of protected witnesses about rapes in Miljevina and Foca.
24 November 2006

Samardzic: Crimes in Miljevina

Audio recordings of protected witnesses’ testimonies continue to be played before the Appellate Council.
24 November 2006

Samardzic: Testimonies of Raped Girls

Re-trial continues, as Appellate Council reviews claims the indictee was a rapist.