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City: Foca

16 April 2007

Vukovic Found Guilty

Taking into consideration special circumstances, the Court of BiH has passed a verdict for war crimes committed in Foca in 1992.
23 March 2007

Rasevic/Todovic trial set for April

As was announced during the status conference, the trial of Savo Todovic and Mitar Rasevic will begin on April 6, 2007.
9 March 2007

Vukovic: Witnesses Defend Indictee's Character

Two protected Defence witnesses have spoken of Radmilo Vukovic's character - and of his alleged intimate relationship with a key Prosecution witness.
8 March 2007

Mandic: Football Jargon in the Courtroom

After four days of hours of questioning, the testimony of war crimes indictee Momcilo Mandic is complete.
27 February 2007

Mandic: The bald truth

On the second day of the indictee's testimony, the Defence presented evidence that it claims proves that Prosecution witnesses did not tell the truth.
23 February 2007

Mandic: Tears in the courtroom

Indictee Momcilo Mandic, testifying in his own defence, has cried as he recounted an attack on a Bosnian internal affairs ministry training centre.
15 February 2007

Vukovic granted bail

The Trial Chamber has released Foca accused Radmilo Vukovic from custody.
14 February 2007

Jankovic asks for acquittal

Indictee takes the stand to deny charges listed in the indictment against him.
12 February 2007

Jankovic: Prosecution asks for 30 years

The Trial Chamber is asked to pass down a long prison sentence to Foca accused.

25 January 2007

Mandic: Last prosecution witnesses

The prosecution has questioned its last witnesses in the Momcilo Mandic trial.
23 January 2007

Jankovic: Stockholm syndrome in victims of rape

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has questioned additional witnesses and a neuropsychiatrist at the trial of Gojko Jankovic.
17 January 2007

Mandic: Torture and abuse of detainees in Foca

Former employees of the Foca correctional facility, who then became camp inmates, have testified against Momcilo Mandic.
17 January 2007

Stankovic: Appeal launched

The Prosecution has mounted a legal challenge to the verdict passed down to Radovan Stankovic for crimes committed in Foca.
17 January 2007

Mandic: Camp inmates "disappeared"

The murder and abuse of Foca correctional facility detainees have been discussed in court.
16 January 2007

Zelenovic admits guilt after plea agreement

Former Republika Srpska military police deputy commander made a plea agreement with the Hague prosecution and admitted to being partially guilty of torture and rape in Foca.