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City: Foca

5 June 2008

Courts Need Clearer Rules on War Crime Trials

New strategies need to be developed to clarify which war crime cases go before the State Court, and which can be safely referred to lower courts.
20 May 2008

Nikacevic: Visits and threats by indictee

Prosecution witnesses recall Nikacevic and the start of the war in Foca.
19 May 2008

ICTY President Fausto Pocar visits Bosnia

Fausto Pocar expressed concern that Radovan Stankovic has not been arrested, even though almost a year has passed since his escape from Foca prison.

13 May 2008

Nikacevic: Witnesses under pressure

The Prosecution has announced that its witnesses will testify under protection measures, as the indictee's family has allegedly put pressure on them.
29 April 2008

Nikacevic: Another trial for Foca crimes

Another trial for crimes in Foca municipality has begun before the War Crimes Chamber.
23 April 2008

Ex-officio Lawyers Face Battle Over Fees

Ex-officio lawyers representing war-crime indictees complain of unequal treatment in court, and of problems in getting paid for their work.
21 April 2008

Vukovic: Trial reopens

Radmilo Vuckovic's trial for war crimes against civilians in Foca has reopened before the Appellate Chamber in Sarajevo.
10 April 2008

Bosniak Sue Republika Srpska Over Destroyed Heritage

Years after several hundred mosques were blown up, the Islamic Community is suing the Republika Srpska for damages in a landmark case.
1 April 2008

Prosecution appeals Vukovic brothers' verdict

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has appealed the verdict announced against the Vukovic brothers.
31 March 2008

Vukovic: Trial postponed

The start of Radmilo Vukovic's trial has been postponed due to absence of attorney Bajro Cilic.
17 March 2008

Nikacevic: Indictment confirmed

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed the indictment charging Foca policeman Miodrag Nikacevic with having raped two women.
12 March 2008

US Says Bosnia Human Rights 'Poor'

Sarajevo - There are serious problems in the field of human rights in Bosnia, according to the United States government.
4 March 2008

Radmilo Vukovic: Court to present its evidence

Prior to the start of the retrial of Radmilo Vukovic, the Appellate Chamber has set the dates of the hearings and announced that the Court would present its evidence.
28 February 2008

Bosnia Sentences Two For War Crimes

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has sentenced Mitar Rasevic to eight and a half years and Savo Todovic to 12 years imprisonment for crimes committed at the Foca correctional facility.

28 February 2008

A Dream of a Better Life

J.F. is a 27-year-old woman who has lived in Hadzici, on the outskirts of Sarajevo, with her mother and six brothers and sisters since 1993. The family first came to Hadzici in 1992, after being deported from Foca. They spent many days in detention centres located in eastern Bosnia, controlled by the former Serbian Republic of BiH forces.