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City: Bosanska Otoka

12 October 2012

Prosic: Witness Says Defendant Took Away his Son

Testifying at the trial of Predrag Prosic, who is charged with crimes in Sanski Most in 1992, a prosecution witness says that the defendant was among the soldiers who took away his son.
14 March 2008

Klickovic: Former investigative judge to be in defence team

Hamdija Veladzic, a former investigative judge from Bihac will be in the Defence team for Gojko Klickovic despite objections from the Prosecution for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
11 January 2008

Klickovic: Plea Hearing Postponed

The repeated requests of Gojko Klickovic's Defence for postponement of the plea hearing have been approved by judges, with the Prosecution's consent.
26 September 2007

Alic: Coffee Break With SIPA Investigator

The indictee's defence team notices 36 "substantial differences" between the witness' statement given in the courtroom and the one given to a SIPA investigator.