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City: Bosanska Krupa

20 May 2008

Klickovic et al: Inevitable conflict in Bosanska Krupa

A Prosecution witness speaks about the arming of civilians and plans to establishment "a Serbian state."
13 May 2008

Klickovic et al: The start of war in Bosanska Krupa

The first Prosecution witness speaks about the arrival of armed Serbian soldiers in late April 1992 and about the attack on Bosanska Krupa.
6 May 2008

Klickovic et al: Refusal to appear at court

As indictee Gojko Klickovic refuses to appear before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, the trial for Bosanska Krupa crimes has been postponed.
6 May 2008

Vrdoljak: Detainees' cries

At the start of the trial of Ivica Vrdoljak, the first Prosecution witness speaks about the indictee's participation in the crimes in the Derventa and Bosanski Brod areas.
1 April 2008

Drljaca pleads not guilty

Following the not guilty plea, Drljaca's Defence attorney announces that he will bring charges against the indictment before the Court.
25 March 2008

Drljaca: Plea hearing postponed

Mladen Drljaca's plea hearing will be held next week.
14 March 2008

Klickovic: Former investigative judge to be in defence team

Hamdija Veladzic, a former investigative judge from Bihac will be in the Defence team for Gojko Klickovic despite objections from the Prosecution for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
4 March 2008

Ivica Vrdoljak pleads not guilty

Ivica Vrdoljak, charged with war crimes committed in Derventa, pleaded not guilty to all counts in the indictment filed by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
28 February 2008

Jovan Ostojic Arrested

The State Investigation and Protection Agency arrested Jovan Ostojic, suspected of having committed war crimes in the Bosanska Krupa area.
11 January 2008

Klickovic: Plea Hearing Postponed

The repeated requests of Gojko Klickovic's Defence for postponement of the plea hearing have been approved by judges, with the Prosecution's consent.
28 December 2007

Three Thousand Days of Detention

In 2007, the Court of BiH ordered custody for 29 war crimes suspects, some of whom were eventually indicted, while others were released without charge.
19 December 2007

Klickovic Indictment Confirmed

The Court of BiH confirms an indictment against the former prime minister of Republika Srpska, who is charged with crimes committed in Bosanska Krupa.
13 November 2007

Klickovic: Custody Extended

The Prosecution has asked that the former prime minister of Republika Srpska be held in custody for another month, and the Court accepted proposal.

3 October 2007

Sefik Alic Released from Custody

Sefik Alic, charged with crimes committed in Bosanska Krajina, is no longer being held in custody, but must comply with certain restrictive measures.

26 September 2007

Alic: Coffee Break With SIPA Investigator

The indictee's defence team notices 36 "substantial differences" between the witness' statement given in the courtroom and the one given to a SIPA investigator.