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City: Bihac

17 August 2015

Wives of Convicted Wartime Rapists Maintain their Innocence

Three wives of men found guilty of wartime rape claim their lives have been turned upside down since their husbands’ convictions.
17 August 2015

Witness at Stanarevic Trial Describes Assault and Detention in Ripac

A state prosecution witness testifying at the Zeljo Stanarevic trial said he was captured and assaulted by military police officers in the Bihac area during the summer of 1992.
15 July 2015

Verdict against Kovacevic and Anadolac Repealed

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina repealed a verdict which sentenced Safet Kovacevic to 18 months in prison and acquitted Muhamed Anadolac of charges of war crimes in Bihac and Cazin. Husein Begic’s acquittal was confirmed.

13 July 2015

Witness at Stanarevic Trial Describes Civilian Deportations from Ripac

A state prosecution witness testifying at the Zeljko Stanarevic trial said Stanarevic was involved in murders that took place next to the Bezdan Pit and the Racic military barracks.

6 July 2015

Six Year Sentence Against Solesa Confirmed

The Federation supreme court has confirmed a verdict which sentences Dusko Soles, a former member of the Bosnian Serb Army, to six years in prison.
6 July 2015

Protected Witness in Stanarevic Trial Claims to Have Witnessed Murder

A protected state prosecution witness testifying at the Zeljko Stanarevic trial said he witnessed the murder of approximately 10 to 15 prisoners in the village of Ripac.
1 July 2015

Vojic and Mesic Trial Postponed Indefinitely

The trial of Adil Vojic and Bekir Mesic has been postponed indefinitely, after the Bosnian state prosecution failed to provide information about pending witnesses.
29 June 2015

Witness at Stanarevic Trial Describes Detention of Bosniak Civilians in Ripac

The first state prosecution witness at the Zeljko Stanarevic trial said he saw Stanarevic in Ripac in mid-1992, but didn’t see him going to a hangar where prisoners were held.

9 June 2015

Bosnia Discovers Two Wartime Mass Graves

The Bosnian state prosecution said that two previously unknown mass graves containing the bodies of victims of the 1992-95 war have been discovered in the towns of Bratunac and Bihac.
8 June 2015

Stanarevic Trial Begins

The Zeljko Stanarevic trial began with a reading of the indictment and the presentation of introductory statements by the Bosnian state prosecution. Stanarevic has been charged with crimes against humanity in the Bihac area.

18 May 2015

Prosecution Requests Harsher Sentences For Former Bosnian Fighters in Krajina

The Bosnian state prosecution called upon the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to order a longer sentence against Safet Kovacevic for war crimes committed in Bihac and Cazin, and to rescind the release of two other defendants. The defense teams claim the appeals are unfounded, and requested that the court reject the appeals.
6 May 2015

Medical Documentation of Protected Witness Presented at Vojic and Mesic Trial

The Bosnian state prosecution presented evidence on the medical treatment of a protected witness known as ST-1 at the Adil Vojic and Bekir Mesic trial.
15 April 2015

Public Excluded from Bihac Rape Trial

The trial chamber decided to exclude the public from a hearing in which a protected state prosecution witness was expected to testify against two former Bosnian Army soldiers accused of rape in Bihac.
4 March 2015

Prosecution Proposes Postponing Stanarevic Trial, Waiting for Extradition of Suspect

The Bosnian state prosecution has proposed that the Zeljko Stanarevic trial be postponed for one month, as it expects that Serbia will extradite a suspected accomplice in the case.

4 March 2015

Bosnian Army Soldiers Jailed for Prisoner Abuse

Two former members of the Bosnian Army’s Fifth Corps were sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail each for the abuse of prisoners detained at a barracks in Bihac.