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City: Bihac

11 January 2008

Karajic Pleads Not Guilty

Before the Court of BiH, Suljo Karajic has denied any involvement in crimes committed in the Bihac area.
9 January 2008

Alic: Public Excluded

Much of today's hearing was closed to the public to allow the broadcast of a video showing some protected witnesses.

8 January 2008

Alic: Hearing Postponed

Today's hearing was postponed due to the absence of the international judges.
20 November 2007

Alic: Identification of Killed Soldiers

Prosecution witnesses speak about the "Oluja" military operation and the four killed soldiers.
12 September 2007

Alic: Hamze Deputy Commander Testifies

A Prosecution witness told the trial of Sefik Alic about the establishment of Hamze battalion but could not say what he indictee's function was at the time the alleged crimes were committed.
24 July 2007

Alic: POWs Captured

Court hears how four prisoners were treated by war crimes accused.
23 July 2007

Alic: "Free spirit"

Prosecution witness claims he did not see the indictee on the date when the alleged crimes was committed.
18 May 2007

Alic: First Prosecution Witness Examined

Witness named by prosecutor at asks for - and will receive - protective measures from the court.
11 May 2007

Alic: Key Video Evidence

Prosecution plans to show footage of the bodies of the prisoners of war mentioned in indictment against former BiH army member.
15 February 2007

Alic refuses to appear in court

The Court of BiH has entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Sefik Alic after the indictee failed to appear at the plea hearing.
2 February 2007

Bosnian officer indicted

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed the indictment against a former assistant commander of Hamza battalion, which operated in Bosanska Krajina.
7 November 2006

Alic detained, Kurtovic released

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina gave indictee Sefik Alic one-month detainment, and released Zijad Kurtovic.