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Case: Sego Osman

14 June 2011

Remains of a Victim from Bugojno Found

Remains that are believed to belong to Marko Bartulovic, a Croat detainee who was killed in 1993, have been found in the Bugojno area.

3 June 2011

Sego: Verdict Due on June 8

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina will render a verdict on June 8 against Osman Sego for crimes committed against Croat detainees in Bugojno in 1993, after he reached a plea deal with the prosecution.

19 October 2010

New Indictment for Bugojno Crimes Filed

The State Prosecution has filed an indictment against Osman Sego, former military policeman with the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, charging him with crimes against civilians committed in Bugojno.