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Case: Nikacevic Miodrag

26 January 2009

Nikacevic: Ten Witnesses Deny Rape Allegations

Witnesses deny former Foca policeman raped two women in 1992, saying he often risked his safety to help others. After the closing arguments, a verdict is due by early February 2009.
21 November 2008

Nikacevic: Hugs and Greetings in Courtroom

The Defence of Miodrag Nikacevic is due to examine one more witness prior to the completion of its evidence presenting.
21 October 2008

Nikacevic: Adapted behaviour

A psychiatrist, examined by the Defence of Miodrag Nikacevic, speaks about the findings of doctor Senadin Ljubovic, a Prosecution expert.
7 October 2008

Nikacevic: An ordinary detention

Defence witnesses speak about the detention of Rasim Klapuh, whose death is charged upon Miodrag Nikacevic.
2 September 2008

Nikacevic: Credible policeman

Two Defence witnesses speak about indictee Miodrag Nikacevic's personality.
8 July 2008

Nikacevic: Conspiracy of silence

A court expert - a psychiatrist - determined that losing a child and being raped are two things that have the most deteriorating consequences on one's personality.
17 June 2008

Nikacevic: Wild beasts

A Prosecution witness claims that Miodrag Nikacevic was the one who sent other people to search her apartment and mistreat her family.
20 May 2008

Nikacevic: Visits and threats by indictee

Prosecution witnesses recall Nikacevic and the start of the war in Foca.
13 May 2008

Nikacevic: Witnesses under pressure

The Prosecution has announced that its witnesses will testify under protection measures, as the indictee's family has allegedly put pressure on them.
29 April 2008

Nikacevic: Another trial for Foca crimes

Another trial for crimes in Foca municipality has begun before the War Crimes Chamber.
17 March 2008

Nikacevic: Indictment confirmed

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed the indictment charging Foca policeman Miodrag Nikacevic with having raped two women.