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Case: Lukic Milan i Sredoje

1 September 2015

Hague Tribunal Judge Quits Milan Lukic Case

Veteran Hague Tribunal judge Jean-Claude Antonetti has withdrawn from the chamber making the final decision on Serb paramilitary Milan Lukic’s bid to overturn his life sentence, arguing that he is not impartial.
12 March 2015

Milan Lukic Demands Jail Transfer from Estonia

Milan Lukic, who was sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed in Visegrad, wants to be transferred from an Estonian prison due to the language barrier and because his family lives far away.
23 April 2014

Trial of Milan Lukic Begins

The trial of Milan Lukic, who is charged with war crimes in Kljuc, begins before the Cantonal Court in Bihac.

11 February 2014

Milan Lukic Transferred to a Prison in Estonia

Milan Lukic, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for having committed crimes in Visegrad, had been transferred to Estonia, where he will serve his sentence.

20 August 2013

Defence Witnesses Speak about Abusers in Uzamnica

The first Defence witnesses in the trial of Oliver Krsmanovic’s say that they were abused during their detention in Uzamnica military barracks in Visegrad in 1992, but they do not mention the indictee.
9 March 2012

Krsmanovic: Evil Has Come

Prosecution witness OK-7 says at the trial of Oliver Krsmanovic, who is charged with crimes in Visegrad, that she saw the shooting of men on the Drina River banks in the spring of 1992 and her neighbours being taken away from Dusce village.
24 September 2010

ICTY: Indictment against Milan Lukic's Defence Attorney

The Hague Prosecution has filed an indictment against Jelena Rasic, a member of Milan Lukic's Defence team, for contempt of court.

10 August 2010

Scores of Visegrad Victims Found in Lake

The remains of scores of civilians from the 1992 Visegrad killings in Bosnia have been found in Perucac lake, investigators have said, while the search for the bodies of victims from Kosovo continues.
30 September 2009

Amnesty Demands Justice for Bosnia War Rape Victims

As rights group slates local courts and authorities and Hague tribunal for failing to defend rape victims, researcher Marek Marczynski says it’s time courts addressed this taboo issue.

22 July 2009

ICTY: Milan Lukic Asks for Temorary Release

Milan Lukic asks the Tribunal to grant him five days out of custody in order to visit Serbia.
22 July 2009

Amnesty International: No Justice for Rape Victims

Amnesty International calls on to the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina to open an investigation into allegations of rape committed by the Lukic cousins in Visegrad.
13 July 2009

ICTY: Milan and Sredoje Lukic Verdict Set for July 20

Two months after closing arguments were heard, the Trial Chamber in The Hague will deliver verdicts on July 20 in the case of two cousins accused of crimes committed in Visegrad, eastern Bosnia.
27 November 2008

Selecting Priorities in War Crimes Processing

Disagreements over which trials should be held before the State Court, and which should go before lower courts, will continue until a war-crimes strategy finally sorts out the issue of case referral.

8 July 2008

ICTY: Indictment expansion motion rejected

One day before the start of the trial, the Trial Chamber decides to reject the indictment expansion motion filed by the Prosecution.
12 June 2008

ICTY: Sredoje and Milan Lukic charged with massive rapes

The Hague Prosecution asks the Court to approve the expansion of the indictment against Milan and Sredoje Lukic.