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Case: Kovac Ante

8 January 2015

Bosnian Croat Fighter’s War Rape Sentence Reduced

The appeals court reduced the prison sentence given to former Bosnian Croat fighter Ante Kovac, convicted of illegal detentions and rape in Vitez in 1993, from nine to eight years.
3 November 2010

Kovac: Dignity Attacked

In its closing arguments at the retrial for crimes committed in Vitez, the State Prosecution says that indictee Anto Kovac is responsible for the crimes and calls on the Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to sentence him in accordance with the law.
23 July 2010

Kovac: Respectable Citizen

At the retrial of Ante Kovac conducted before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina a defence witness said he did not know that the indictee was commander of the Military Police Unit with the Vitez Brigade of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, in April 1993.

14 July 2010

Kovac: Witnesses Defend Indictee

The retrial of Ante Kovac who is appealing the guilty verdict handed down for crimes against civilians including rape, forced labour and looting in central Bosnia today heard from three witnesses.

4 March 2010

Kovac: Deaf and Blind Trial Chamber

The Defence of Ante Kovac appeals the first instance verdict sentencing him to 13 years in prison for crimes against civilians committed in Vitez in 1993.
30 June 2009

Kovac: Another Was to Blame for Vitez Crimes

The defence for Ante Kovac claims much of the blame for the crimes with which he is charged lies with a person who has already been sentenced by The Hague.
26 June 2009

Kovac: Son Appears as Witness

Indictee Ante Kovac's son testifies for his Defence, claiming that all the people in Vitez were "shocked" when his father was arrested. 
12 June 2009

Kovac: Mario Cerkez' Responsibility

Vladimir Santic and indictee Ante Kovac testify for the defence.
14 May 2009

Kovac: Retrial Motion

The Trial Chamber rejects a motion filed by Ante Kovac's Defence asking for a retrial.
5 May 2009

Kovac: Capable of Attending Trial

Indictee Ante Kovac disputes the expert witness' findings, by which he was judged capable of attending the trial. 
23 April 2009

Kovac: Hearings Interrupted by Illness

The trial for crimes committed in Vitez has been postponed as the indictee and his defence attorney fail to appear in court because of illness.
27 March 2009

Kovac: Hearing postponed

Another hearing has been postponed due to indictee Ante Kovac's poor health.
5 March 2009

Kovac: Trial suspended for 20 days

Due to the appointment of a new Defence attorney, the trial of Ante Kovac is suspended until March 25. 
12 February 2009

Kovac: Hearing closed to public

The Defence of Ante Kovac examines two witnesses at a closed hearing.
29 January 2009

Kovac: Fulfillment of Conditions

To be released from custody, Ante Kovac must fulfill conditions listed in the court's decision.