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Case: Ivcev and Urosevic

4 May 2012

Local Justice – Ivcev and Urosevic: Two Years and Eight Months in Prison

The Basic Court of Brcko District pronounces Dimce Ivcev and Drazen Urosevic guilty of crimes against civilians in Brcko and sentences them to a total of two years and eight months in prison.
27 May 2011

Local Justice: Indictment for Brcko Crimes Confirmed

The Basic Court of Brcko District confirms an indictment against Drazen Urosevic and Dimce Ivcev for war crimes against civilians committed in Brcko.
5 May 2011

Local Justice: Two Suspects Arrested for Crimes Committed in Brcko

The Brcko District police have arrested two people suspected of committing war crimes against the civilian population in the Luka detention camp in Brcko.