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Case: Dzeko Edin

5 March 2015

Bosnian Army Soldier Jailed for Trusina Massacre

Former Bosnian Army soldier Edin Dzeko was sentenced to 13 years in prison for taking part in the killings of Croats in the village of Trusina near Konjic in the spring of 1993.
4 December 2014

Verdict of Conviction against Edin Dzeko Appealed

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, and Defence present their appeals, before the Appellate Chamber of the Court of BiH, against a first instance verdict, under which Edin Dzeko was sentenced to 12 years in prison for crimes in Trusina village, Konjic municipality.
6 June 2014

Bosniak Soldier Jailed for Killing Croats in Trusina

Former Bosnian Army soldier Edin Dzeko was jailed for 12 years over the killings of six Croat fighters and a civilian couple in the village of Trusina near Konjic in 1993.
13 May 2014

Verdict against Dzeko at Beginning of June

The verdict against Edin Dzeko, who is charged with crimes against Croats in Trusina village, near Konjic and Jablanica, is due to be pronounced on June 6, the Trial Chamber announced following the presentation of the Defence’s closing statement.

6 May 2014

Trusina Murder Evidence Against Bosniak Soldier ‘Unreliable’

The defence for former Bosnian Army soldier Edin Dzeko, charged with executing six Croats in 1993, said that witnesses who accused him of the killings were lying to avoid prosecution.
29 April 2014

Bosniak Soldier Demands Trusina Killings Acquittal

The defence lawyer for Edin Dzeko, a former member of the Bosnian Army’s Zulfikar Squad, said he was not guilty of executing six Croats in Trusina in 1993.
8 April 2014

Long Jail Term Sought for Edin Dzeko

The Bosnian State Prosecution, in its closing arguments, called for former Bosnian Army fighter Edin Dzeko to receive a long sentence for crimes committed against Bosnian Croats in Konjic and Jabhlanica in 1993.
4 April 2014

True or False Accusations of Edin Dzeko

During their presentation of evidence, which lasted about seven months, the Defence presented evidence which deny Dzeko’s guilt and thus challenged the witness testimonies of the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina who were accusing Dzeko.

18 March 2014

Closing Statement at Dzeko’s Trial in Early April

After having accepted a revised indictment against Edin Dzeko, former member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who is charged with crimes in Konjic and Jablanica, the Trial Chamber schedules the presentation of State Prosecution’s closing statement for April 8.
4 March 2014

Prosecution Amends Dzeko’s Indictment

At the trial of Edin Dzeko, the Bosnian Prosecution introduced into evidence documents to try and prove that the Zulfikar Unit – which the defendant was part of the Bosnian Army Main Headquarters in 1993.
18 February 2014

Examination of State Prosecution’s Witnesses Rejected

The Trial Chamber sitting in the case against Edin Dzeko rejects a proposal for examination of State Prosecution’s witnesses, whose testimonies were supposed to be used for denying Defence’s evidence.

11 February 2014

Dzeko’s Defence Completes Presentation of Evidence

The Defence of indictee Edin Dzeko, former member of the “Zulfikar” Special Squad of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, completes the presentation of evidence by including the last documents in the case file.

21 January 2014

Someone Opened Fire from a Group

A Defence witness says, at the trial of Edin Dzeko, that he did not see which one from a group of soldiers shot at married couple Ilija and Andja Ivankovic in Trusina village, near Konjic.

14 January 2014

Bosnian Ex-Fighter Denies Killing and Torturing Croats

Former Bosnian Army serviceman Edin Dzeko denied the revenge killings of Croats in the village of Trusina near Konjic and the illegal arrests and abuse of civilians in Jablanica in 1993.
25 December 2013

Bosnia Keeps Fewer Indictees in Custody

Only 14 of about 100 people indicted for the gravest crimes are currently in the custody of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.