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Case: Damjanovic Dragan

11 July 2007

Damjanovic: Long-term Imprisonment

Dragan Damjanovic's first instance sentence has been amended on appeal.
13 June 2007

Damjanovic: Prosecution and Defence Appeal

The Appeals Chamber has listened to Prosecution and Defence objections to the first instance verdict, which sentenced Dragan Damjanovic to 20 years imprisonment for crimes committed in Vogosca.
4 December 2006

Damjanovic: Fellow soldiers testify

Two of Dragan Damjanovic's former fellow soldiers have appeared before the Bosnian court as defence witnesses.
23 September 2006

Nedjo Samardzic to appear before judges again

Appeals filed by both sides to the verdict to Nedjo Samardzic will be considered next week. Nikola Kovacevic and Marko Samardzija will testify to their defence.
19 September 2006

Damjanovic: Forced labour and disappearances

Survivors from Planjina kuca testified again about the torture and disappearances of detainees - and accused Dragan Damjanovic of these acts.
5 September 2006

Damjanovic was "source of fear"

New prosecution witnesses have spoken of the torture of detainees in Planjina kuca camp.
25 July 2006

Inmates recall beatings administred by Damjanovic

Prosecution witnesses say the former Serb fighter assaulted camp inmates and took away one prisoner who was later seen dead.
24 July 2006

Damjanovic: Witness fails to identify the defendant

Prosecution witness speaks of accused’s role in brutality at Vogosca detention camps, but is unable to identify him by sight.
17 July 2006

Damjanovic: A meeting in court after 14 years

A surviving detainee from Vogosca recognised indictee Dragan Damjanovic in the courtroom.
10 July 2006

Damjanovic: Good people in a time of fear

Prosecution witnesses in the trial of Dragan Damjanovic spoke of peoples' destinies in Vogosca in July 1992.
16 June 2006

Damjanovic witnesses give contradictory statements

Three prosecution witnesses confirm role of former Bosnian Serb soldier Dragan Damjanovic in Vogosca detention camps, but their testimonies differ in details.
6 April 2006

Damjanovic charged with war crimes in Vogosca

Indictment claims that former Republika Srpska Army member tortured and killed Bosniak civilian prisoners.