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4 August 2006

Witness: "Jankovic raped me"

Another prosecution witness claims defendant Gojko Jankovic raped her on numerous occasions between July and August 1992.
In her testimony given before the Court of BiH in the case against Gojko Jankovic, Bosnian Serb,
witness 87 spoke of the time she spent in various detainment camps and of being raped by the defendant and other soldiers.

This is the third witness this week claiming to have been sexually abused by the defendant.

During the attack on village Trosanj in July 1992, witness 87 and other townspeople were taken from the forest in which they were hiding into a meadow, where men were separated from women and where she saw Jankovic for the first time.

"Gojko Jankovic was there, he told the other soldiers what they were supposed to do with us," witness 87, who was not yet 16 at the time, remembered.

Then the women and children were taken to Buk Bijela, where they were questioned by the soldiers.

"They brought us in one by one, I was raped more than once there," witness 87 said, adding that the defendant did not rape her in Buk Bijela.

Like other girls, witness 87 was then taken to a High School in Foca, where she was kept for a few weeks and where she claims that she was raped by Jankovic, after which she was taken to the Partizan sports hall.

"On average, I was taken to be raped every other night from Partizan," witness 87 said, recalling how she was taken with another girl Jankovic's house in Trnovce, where she claims she was raped by the defendant.

During her testimony, witness 87 spoke of going to an apartment in Foca from where two soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska, Dragan Kovac and Jagos Kostic, allegedly sold her to soldiers from Montenegro.

The case continues on August 31.
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