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20 November 2015

Witness Describes Arrest of Passengers at Strpci Train Station

BIRN BiH Sarajevo

A state prosecution witness testified at the trial of ten former members of the Bosnian Serb Army who’ve been charged with murdering civilians kidnapped from a train in Strpci. The witness said he remembered several soldiers checking passengers’ ID in February 1993.

Luka Dragicevic, Boban and Petko Indjic, Obrad Poluga, Novak Poluga, Dragan Sekaric, Oliver Krsmanovic, Radojica Ristic, Vuk Ratkovic and Mica Jovicic have been charged with kidnapping 20 passengers from a train travelling from Belgrade to Bar on February 27, 1993. The victims were allegedly abducted from the railway station in Strpci and killed later in Visegrad.

According to the charges, Luka Dragicevic was the commander of the Second Podrinjska Light Infantry Brigade in Visegrad, Boban Indjic was the commander of the Interventions Company of the same brigade, while the other defendants were members of the Interventions Company or the First Company of the First Battalion of the Second Podrinjska Light Infantry Brigade.

State prosecution witness Radojko Jesic said he traveled from Uzice in Serbia to Prijepolje by train on February 27, 1993. He said a passenger named Fejzija Zekovic got on the train with him at the same station.

“Me and my friend Stakic went to the bar in the rear part of the coach. A group of noisy people had been there. When the train stopped in Strpci, the waiters wondered why the train had stopped, because it usually didn’t stop at that station. A few minutes later two or three uniformed soldiers got on the train. They didn’t have any markings on their uniforms. One of them told us to get our ID cards ready. They said they were looking for deserters,” Jesic said.

He said the train moved on half an hour later. He said he then noticed a truck with an awning moving behind the railway station building.

“Before the train stopped two noisy guys had left. They returned when the train began moving again. One of them said, ‘Did you see that guy? We paid for his drink and he made fools of us. He introduced himself as Dragan, not as a Turk. The soldiers took him away, not only him, but others as well,’” Jesic said.

Jesic said he then went to look for Fejzija Zekovic, but couldn’t find him.

The trial will continue on December 7.

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