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27 October 2015

Witness at Brestovac Trial Describes Attack on Civilians in Doboj

Arnes Grbesic BIRN BiH Doboj
A prosecution witness testifying at the Vojislav Brestovac trial said he heard gunshots and saw a house set on fire the night his cousins Muarem, Muhamed and Ismeta Aldobasic were killed in Doboj.
Brestovac, a former police officer with the Doboj public safety station, has been charged with participating in the murder of civilians Muharem, Muhamed and Ismeta Aldobasic in the village of Miljkovac in Doboj in June 1992. Cvjetko Sarcevic also allegedly participated in the murder.

Haris Aldobasic, who was 16 years old at the time of the crime, testified at today’s hearing.

“I was at my deceased brother Hasan’s house. Other people were present as well. I heard gunshots, which woke me up. Through the window I saw that Muhamer’s house was burning. Petra came in the morning and told my father Latif, ‘Uncle, they were killed,’” Aldobasic said.

Aldobasic said he used to see the defendant at a checkpoint in the vicinity of his house in Miljkovac during the war. He said he saw the defendant uniformed and armed with a sniper gun.

“Petra said a sniper had killed them. The defendant was a sniper. At that time I didn’t know his name. He behaved in a rough manner,” Aldobasic said.

When asked by Brestovac how he knew he had a sniper gun, since he hadn’t served in the military, Aldobasic said it was a recognizable weapon.

A statement given by a deceased witness named Latif Aldobasic during the investigation phase of the case was read at today’s hearing. Aldobasic died in September 2015.

“Petra told me the policemen from the checkpoint had done it, and also said that the policeman with a sniper had killed them. I used to see him with the sniper at the checkpoint,” Aldobasic’s statement alleges.

The prosecution completed its presentation of evidence by introducing material evidence.

The trial will continue on November 17.
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