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9 September 2013

Warrant against Ivo Cicak

Stjepana Ivanuš BIRN BiH Livno

The Livno Cantonal Court has ordered one-month custody for Ivo Cicak, also known as Pendekov, due to a suspicion that he committed war crimes against prisoners of war.

However, Cicak is not available to prosecutorial bodies, so the Livno Prosecution will request the issuance of an international warrant.

“Cicak knows that the criminal proceeding against him is underway. That is likely the reason for his absence. The Prosecution tried to find out where Cicak was via the Interpol Office in Vienna, but it has not obtained the information,” said Nedim Begic, President of the Cantonal Court in Livno.

Once the Prosecution has received the custody order decision, it will file a motion with the Cantonal Court, requesting it to issue an international warrant.

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