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31 October 2006

Vukovic pleads not guilty

Foca accused denies allegations of rape.
Radmilo Vukovic has denied that he committed a war crime by raping a female civilian in Foca in 1992, as the state prosecution claims.

According to the indictment, on June 10, 1992, Vukovic, as a member of the military forces of what was once Srpska Republika Bosnia and Herzegovina, came armed to an apartment in Miljevina, municipality Foca, and removed a woman whom he later physically and mentally abused.

In the indictment it is stated that he "hit the woman on various parts of her body, threatened her with death, put a gun on her temple and a knife on her throat and then, after use of physical force, he hit her on the head at which she lost consciousness and the indictee raped her".

It is also claimed that during the next few months, every time Vukovic called her, the abused girl had to come to an apartment where he forced her to have sexual relations. As a result, the woman became pregnant and later gave birth to a baby boy.

The indictment against Vukovic was confirmed on October 13, and he has been in custody since April 2006.

Before his arrest, Vukovic was employed at the internal affairs ministry of Republika Srpska.
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