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13 April 2011

Vranjes et al: Trial for Kotor Varos Crimes Starts

The trial of Ljubisa Vranjes and Mladen Milic, who are charged with crimes against civilians committed in Kotor-Vraso in 1992, has begun with the reading of the State Prosecution's indictment.

According to the charges, Ljubisa Vranjes, former member of the Public Safety Center in Banja Luka, and Mladen Milic, former member of the “7551 Military Post in Banja Luka”, participated in the murder of two people in Kotor-Varos on June 6, 1992.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina allege that Vranjes and Milic came to a house where three civilians were held and ordered the civilians to come with them for questioning.

The civilians carried out the order. The indictment alleges that two of the prisoners were then killed next to a monument erected in honour of fallen soldiers in the Second World War, while the third was severely wounded.

Prior to the reading of the indictment, a status conference was held at which the Prosecution announced that it needs 14 working hours to examine its witnesses and present material evidence.

The Defence of the indictees said that after it had heard the witness statements, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina would ascertain that their clients were innocent. For that reason, the Defence of the indictees did not say whether they would present evidence at all.

“If we present evidence, we shall need two or three hours to finish the presentation,” said Simo Tosic, Defence attorney for indictee Milic.

The two indictees are defending themselves while at liberty.

Goran Markovic, former member of the “7551 military post in Banja Luka” was originally charged under the same indictment, but in March this year the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina separated the case against him from the case against the two other indictees.

According to the charges, Markovic shot at the prisoners after they had been brought to the monument in Kotor Varos.

The trial is due to continue on May 10, when the first Prosecution witness will be examined.


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