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19 April 2016

Trnovo Witness Recalls Discovery of Married Couple’s Bodies

BINR BiH Sarajevo

At the trial of three fighters accused of detaining and killing Serbs in the Trnovo area, a prosecution witness described how the bodies of a married couple from the village of Bistrocaj were found.

Prosecution witness Zijo Ibricic told the state court on Tuesday that at the time the crimes were committed in 1992, he was the commander of a Territorial Defence squad in the village of Basci in the Trnovo municipality which was subordinate to one of the defendants, Medaris Saric.

Ibricic testified that even after the Bosnian Army had taken over control of the area, the Serb couple, Pero and Milka Golijanin, remained in the neighbouring village, Bistrocaj, which was inhabited by Serbs.

He said that at some point in October 1992, a man called Adem Ibricic told him he had escorted two soldiers from the Focanska Brigade to Trnovo and saw that Pero Golijanin had left.

“[Two other men called] Husein Mulaomerovic and Dzemail Kadic went to the field in order to reconnoitre the area. On that occasion they found the bodies of Pero and his wife, who had been killed, in [another village called] Lucila,” Ibricic said.

He said that Mulaomerovic and Kadic concluded that Adem Ibricic and the soldiers from the Focanska Brigade were responsible for the deaths of the Golijanins.

Ibricic denied having seen the bodies of the Golijanins. The prosecution said that, in a statement he gave in November 1992, he said he was at the crime scene, but the witness insisted he did not remember being there.

The couple’s son Vojislav Golijanin testified meanwhile that in 1993, a captive informed him that his parents had been killed 200 metres from their house.

He said he inquired how they died and on the basis of what he was told, he suspected that the witness Zijo Ibricic and his brother Osman had killed them.

Edhem Godinjak, Medaris Saric and Mirko Bunoza are on trial for allegedly detaining and killing Serb civilians and prisoners of war in the Trnovo area.

According to the charges, Godinjak was the chief of the public security station in Trnovo, Saric was the commander of the Territorial Defence Headquarters, while Bunoza was a commander of Croatian Defence Forces units.

Also on Tuesday, two prosecution witnesses testified at the trial of former Bosnian Army Srebrenica commander Naser Oric and soldier Sabahudin Muhic about an attack on the village of Zalazje in the Srebrenica area in 1992, when the defendants allegedly killed a Serb prisoner.

Witnesses Branislav Stanojevic and Radivoje Ostojic said they hid in houses in Zalazje on July 12, 1992 and tried to fend off a Bosnian Army attack, but Bosniak forces eventually entered the village.

Stanojevic said he saw Slobodan Ilic, Ivan Cvjetinovic and his grandfather Miladin Stanojevic running away not far from the house in which he was hiding.

“I saw them run away across a farmer’s field. I heard someone shouting: ‘Catch them alive, they are coming your way,’” Stanojevic recalled.

According to the charges, Slobodan Ilic was killed in Zalazje.

The indictment alleges that Oric and Muhic also killed two more captured Bosnian Serb Army soldiers in villages in the Bratunac and Srebrenica area.

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