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24 August 2015

Trial for Strpci Train Station Abduction and Killing Begins Mid-September

Lamija Grebo BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The trial of ten former Bosnian Serb Army soldiers charged with kidnapping and killing passengers from a train in Strpci will begin on September 14.

The Bosnian state prosecution charged Luka Dragicevic, Boban Indjic, Petko Indjic, Obrad Poluga, Novak Poluga, Dragan Sekaric, Oliver Krsmanovic, Radojica Ristic, Vuk Ratkovic, and Mico Jovicic with the kidnapping of 20 passengers on a Belgrade-Bar train at the Strpci station in eastern Bosnia on February 27, 1993. The indictment was confirmed on May 18, 2015.

“Following the kidnapping, the victims were taken to a school building in Prelovo, near Visegrad, where they were tortured, abused and robbed. Afterwards, the victims, who had visible injuries, were transported to Musici, where they were killed. Their bodies were dumped into the Drina river,” a prosecution statement reads.

At a status conference held before the state court, the state prosecution said it would require 50 hours to examine witnesses and present material evidence.

State prosecutor Dzermin Pasic said special presentations of video recordings and photos would be conducted during the examination of witnesses.

The remains of four victims were found after the war, while the search for the remains of the other victims continues.

The defendants were arrested through a joint operation conducted by the Bosnian state prosecution and Serbia’s war crimes prosecution last year. Following the arrest of the defendants, they were released under prohibitive measures.

Five further suspects were arrested in Serbia due to their suspected involvement in the case. The Serbian war crimes prosecution filed an indictment against them in March.

Nebojsa Ranisavljevic is the only person who has been sentenced for the Strpci abduction and killings. A court in Montenegro sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

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