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3 November 2006

Todovic and Rasevic: Detention extended

The two Hague indictees, who were transferred to Sarajevo at the beginning of October, are to be kept in custody for another two months.
Today, the court of Bosnia and Herzegovina extended the detention of Savo Todovic and Mitar Rasevic for two months.

Both were transferred from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) to Sarajevo one month ago. The ICTY prosecution charged the duo with war crimes, specifically the murder, torture and detention of Bosniaks in correctional facility Foca (KP Dom Foca), from April 1992 to October 1994

The Bosnian prosecution has asked for additional time to adjust the indictment to the local legislation.

As prosecutor Vaso Marinkovic said following the transfer of the duo, the prosecution is in contact with potential witnesses whose statements indicate that the indictees may hold command responsibility.

The case against Todovic and Rasevic is the fifth to be transferred to the authority of the Bosnian court from the ICTY, as part of the latter's exit strategy.
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