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4 December 2013

Son Killed in Ambush

Boris Sekulic BIRN BiH Bijeljina
As the trial of Nezir Merdzic before the District Court in Bijeljina continues, witness Mara Jokic says that her son Miodrag was killed in an ambush in 1992.
Testifying for the District Prosecution in Bijeljina, witness Mara Jokic said that her son was killed in an ambush in the vicinity of Bratunac in June 1992.

“On their way back home Miodrag, as well as Milovan Milanovic and Radomir Milosevic, were killed in Glogova village at about 6am on June 1, 1992, when a group of people opened fire at their car from an ambush,” witness Jokic said.

According to witness Jokic’s testimony, it is not known to her who was in the ambush and killed her son, considering the fact that she was in Germany at that time.

The District Prosecution in Bijeljina charges former member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina Nezir Merdzic with having killed three Serb civilians in Glogova village in June 1992.

The indictment alleges that Merdzic, who was in an ambush along with about ten other members of the Army of BiH, is charged with having shot at a car on the road between Bratunac and Konjevic Polje. It is alleged that all three passengers in the car were killed in the shooting.
Vesna Ivanovic, who performed an autopsy of killed Milovan Milanovic’s body in June 1992, testified for the Prosecution at this hearing. Dr. Ivanovic confirmed that she prepared and signed the autopsy report and that injuries could be seen on the body.

The trial is due to continue on December 23.
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