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26 February 2014

Smoluca Crimes Verdict Next Month

Admir Muslimovic BIRN BiH Tuzla
After the Defence teams of four defendants for crimes against prisoners of war in Smoluca (municipality of Lukavac) asked for a not guilty verdict in their closing arguments, the Cantonal court in Tuzla scheduled the verdict for March 5 this year.
Lawyer for the defendants Miodrag Stojanovic said that the Defence proved during the trial that the indictment has no “basis in facts”.

Stojanovic said the credibility of prosecution witnesses was questionable, and concluded that the only possible verdict is a not guilty one.

The Cantonal prosecution in Tuzla charges Miloradc Cvijanovic aka Micko, Milorad Cvijanovic son of Milan, Svetomira Ilic and Vaso Ilic for crimes against prisoners of war in Lukavac municipality in June and July 1992.

The Prosecution of the Tuzla Canton previously asked that all four men be found guilty.
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