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9 February 2016

Serbia Extradites Former Bosnian Serb Soldier Sasa Curguz

Dzana Brkanic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
On Tuesday, the state prosecution said Serbia extradited war crimes suspect Sasa Curguz, who’s under investigation for crimes committed in Bihac in 1992.
The state prosecution suspects Curguz, a former member of the Bosnian Serb Army, with killing Bosniak prisoners in Bihac.
According to the state prosecution, Curguz and other Bosnian Serb fighters went to the Tractor auto shop in Ripac near Bihac where dozens of Bosniak civilians were detained. He allegedly took a group of ten prisoners to Hrgar Mountain.
“The prisoners were taken to Hrgar Mountain near the Bezdana Pit, where they were killed and their bodies were thrown into the pit,” the prosecution said.
Curguz is also being investigated for participating in the torture, abuse and assault of prisoners.
An international warrant was issued against Curguz, and he was arrested in 2014 in Belgrade. He spent approximately 14 months in extradition detention.
The state prosecution has said they will file a custody motion against Curguz.
Curguz testified via video link from Serbia on February 1, 2016, at the trial of Zeljko Stanarevic. In Sarajevo, Stanarevic has been charged with killing 11 people taken out of the Ripac detention center in June and July 1992.
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