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4 February 2014

Scream, Sobbing, Dead Body

Dženita Duraković BIRN BiH Bihać

As the trial for crimes in Kljuc continues, Bihac Cantonal Prosecution witnesses say what happened during the night Ibrahim Kumalic and Ibrahim Draganovic were killed.

Witness Nada Draganovic said that unknown soldiers shot at her house in Pudin Han village in June 1992, adding that, when her husband Haso opened the door, they took him away.

“When Haso came back, he said that they had taken his money away. We fled to the woods, where we stayed for one night. We returned to the village. For the sake of our safety, we spent the next night at Ramiz Draganovic’s. At about 10 o’clock we heard someone banging on the door. Ramiz’s wife Mina opened the door after they had broken the glass part of the door,” Nada Draganovic said.

According to her testimony, while they were in Ramiz Draganovic’s house, they did not dare move, but they heard a scream and sobbing and Fata Draganovic saying – they killed my Ibro.

“We did not dare leave the house until the following morning. At about 7 a.m. Ibrahim Draganovic’s body was at the house entrance, while Baja’s dead body was in the yard,” witness Draganovic said, pointing out that Nisvet Kicevic went to the checkpoint in order to report the case to soldiers on duty.

Draganovic testified at the trial of Predrag and Nenad Bajic, Mladenko Vrtunic and Slobodan Dragic, former members of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, who are charged with having participated in murders, rape and other inhumane acts in Humici, Vojici and Pudin Han villages.

Witness Halida Draganovic said that she spent one night in the woods, together with her brother-in-law Haso and his wife, adding that her house was set on fire that day. She said that she did not dare go back to the village, so she went to her sister’s in Kljuc. The witness said that her brother-in-law told her that their neighbour Milan Lukic had set her house on fire. He also told her that Ibrahim Draganovic and Ibrahim Kumalic had been killed.
Milan Lukic too is charged with having committed crimes in Kljuc municipality, but his case was separated from this one due to his illness.

Witness Milanko Marjanovic, who was Commander of the checkpoint stationed in Pudin Han in 1992, told the Court that Nisvet Kicevic woke him up one morning and told him that Kumalic and Draganovic had been killed.

“Nisvet was visibly upset. He said that they had killed Ibrahim and Baja. Also, he said that the murder was committed by Paraga, which was Predrag Bajic’s nickname. He did not mention any other people. I went to the crime scene immediately. I saw the killed people and informed the command about it. Soon after that military policemen came and conducted a crime scene inspection. Their funeral was organised after that. I attended it, because I personally knew and was in very good relations with Ibrahim Draganovic,” Marjanovic said.

The witness was not able to confirm whether an investigation into this case was conducted, but he knew that the local residents were scared after that and that they were advised to gather in two houses, which were close to the checkpoint, and sleep in them.

The trial is due to continue on February 25.

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