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13 November 2012

Saric: Goran Saric’s Order

Witness Zakira Colic says at the trial for crimes in Sarajevo that she was taken for an examination in 1992, as per Goran Saric’s order.

Testifying for the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colic said that some men came to her cousin’s house in Nahorevo in 1992 in order to take her to Jagomir hospital for an examination.  

“They said that Goran Saric would examine me about my husband and my father’s flight. They put me and my young daughter in a hut,” Colic said.  

Saric, former Chief of the Public Safety Station in the Serb municipality of Centar, Sarajevo, is charged with having participated in an attack against the civilian population in Nahorevo, Poljine and other neighbourhoods in Sarajevo.

He is charged with having ordered all male residents of Nahorevo to come to the local community premises on June 19, 1992. About 100 Bosniaks were then taken to Jagomir hospital and detained in it. A group of 11 prisoners was later killed at Skakavac.

It is alleged that Saric ordered the remaining non-Serbs to surrender. After that about 200 women, children and the elderly were forcibly transferred to territories controlled by the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH.

Witness Colic said that she heard that her father was held in Jagomir and that he managed to flee from a hut, adding that he was then killed. She pointed out that her husband ran away towards the city following an attack on Nahorevo.

The witness said that, while she was held in the hut, she could hear them questioning her cousin in the neighbouring room.

“Raso later said that Goran had said that I would join a convoy of women and children, moving towards the city. I was first taken to Nahorevo in order to take some things and then to a barricade. I then went to the city,” Colic said.

Protected witness S-6 told the Court that he left Nahorevo, along with other local residents, in 1992.

“Tomo came to my house and said that we had an hour to take people towards the city. He said that Saric was not present on that day and that people from the Headquarters agreed that the local population should leave, because they might no longer be able to help us on the following day,” the witness said.

As he said, he met Saric following the attack on Nahorevo, when he came to his house.

“Some young men in police uniforms were looking for me. One of them introduced himself as Goran Saric from the Police Station. They wished us a happy Eid. We sat down together and had a drink. Goran said that some local residents were nice, but some were guilty too,” S-6 said.

The next hearing is due to be held on Friday, November 16. 

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