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21 December 2012

Saric: Establishment of Police Station

During the trial for crimes in Sarajevo a Defence witness says that he did not see indictee Goran Saric, when he visited the Public Safety Station in Centar.
Rade Radovic told the Court that, in 1992 he went to Jagomir, where he met Rade Sljivic, who told him that he would establish a police station there.  

“Honestly speaking, there were no real or any other preconditions for establishing a police station there. I think that there were only five active policemen, which was not enough for police station. I did not see any material and technical resources either,” Radovic said.

He said that he did not meet Saric during his visits to police stations and that he had not got any pieces of information suggesting that the indictee worked at the Public Safety Station in Centar.

Saric is charged, in his capacity as Chief of the Public Safety Station in the Serbian municipality of Centar, Sarajevo, with having participated in an attack against the civilian population in Nahorevo, Poljine and other neighbourhoods in Sarajevo.

He is charged with having ordered all male residents of Nahorevo to gather in front of the local community building on June 19, 1992. About 100 Bosniak men were then taken to Jagomir hospital and detained in it. A group of 11 detainees was later killed at Skakavac.

Witness Radovic said that the Centar Public Safety Station did not exist at the time when he visited Jagomir, adding that it was not known to him that Saric was Chief of the Station.

Radovan Pejic, former Chief of the Communications and Crypto Protection Section with the Romanija-Birac Safety Services Center, said that he found out about the Centar Public Safety Station in 1992.

“The Communications and Crypto Protection Section had no information about Saric. The first piece of information about the Centar Public Safety Station we received was the one related to appointment of Rade Sljivic,” Pejic said, adding that he had known the indictee as his work colleague from before the war.

The trial is due to continue on December 24, when two more Defence witnesses will be examined.
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