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5 December 2006

Samardzic: Closing arguments to be made

Both the prosecution and the defence have finished presenting physical evidence in the retrial of Nedjo Samardzic.
After eight days of playing recordings of testimonies given by witnesses who spoke during the first-instance process against Nedjo Samardzic, the retrial's physical evidence phase came to an end.

Appeals Chamber judges have announced that both sides will present their closing arguments on December 8.

The retrial was initiated after the Appeals Chamber pronounced the first-instance decision - which sentenced Samardzic to 13 years imprisonment for crimes committed in Foca - invalid and asked for most of the evidence to be presented again, in order to again determine facts that are significant for this trial.

The prosecution again presented verdicts pronounced before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) against Milorad Krnojelac and Dragoljub Kunarac - both of whom were convicted for crimes committed on the territory of Foca municipality.

Appeals judges rejected a prosecution proposal to include as physical evidence the statement given by a protected witness who testified before the ICTY, explaining that the court has enough evidence about the circumstances of which this witness spoke.

The defence's proposal to question Zivko Miletic, war inspector in Foca municipality who is on trial in Trebinje for crimes committed in Foca, was also denied.
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