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7 November 2012

Planincic et al: Indictee Shot in the Air and Ran away

Fikret Planincic, one of the four indictees, who are charged with war crimes in Kotor-Varos, says that he did not participate in an attack on Serdari village in September 1992, when Serb civilians were killed, but he just shot in the air from a nearby hill and ran away.

Testifying in his defence, Planincic said that he was not member of any military formations in 1992, but he would go to various locations in Kotor-Varos to provide “assistance” as need be.

As he said, the night prior to the attack on Serdari he was on the frontline on Cirkino brdo, when Besim Cehic came and “asked” him to go to a location close to Serdari village on the following day, September 17, and fire a bullet “if I hear some noise”.

“He gave me ammunition. I came to Pobrdalji hill early in the morning. Some time later I heard some noise from the direction of Sakani village, where the Serb Army was. I fired a burst of bullets in the air and ran away,” Planincic said.

When asked by Prosecutor Dragan Corlija whether he thought that, by doing it, he assisted in the commission of the attack, Planincic answered negatively, explaining that he did not know what the purpose of the shooting in the air was.

According to the charges, Fikret Planincic, Rasim Lisancic, Sead Menzil and Mirsad Vatrac participated in the attack on Serdari village on September 17, 1992, when 16 Serb civilians were killed. It is alleged that they were members of the Territorial Defence in Kotor-Varos.

Indictee Rasim Lisancic too testified in his defence at this hearing. He denied having participated in the attack. He told the Court that he fled from his village of Hanifici to Bilice village, where he stayed until October 18.

“I was in some abandoned house with eight other men. They told me that, if I could not go to the frontline, I should take care of the cattle. So, that is what I did,” Lisancic said, adding that he did not go to Serdari.

When asked by his Defence attorney Izet Bazdarevic who threatened Gina Serdar, who was captured in the village during the attack, Lisancic said that it was his brother, not him, as alleged by witnesses.

“My brother Muharem Lisancic was drunk. He put a pocket knife to Gina’s throat, requesting her to tell him who had killed our sister Nura on August 14, 1992,” Lisancic said.

The cross-examination of indictee Lisancic is due to continue on November 13. 

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