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26 October 2007

One Month Custody to Idhan Sipic

The Court of BiH order one month custody to Idhan Sipic who voluntarily surrendered and admitted murder committing during the war.
On 26October 2007, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) issued a decisionordering one month custody to Idhan Sipić, who is suspected of War crimesagainst civilians. Under this decision, custody may last until 23 November2007.

The prosecution has justified the motion by claiming that the suspect may seek to influence witnesses and accessories.

Idhan "Nuno" Sipic surrendered to the local police in Bihac and has admitted the crime, which was committed 12 years ago.

"The investigation against Sipic is associated with another extensive investigation covering a large number of perpetrators of a war crime committed in the Bosanski Petrovac area," state prosecutor Milorad Barasin said.

The Prosecution of BiH considers that, in the course of the "Sana 95" military operation conducted in September 1995, Sipic - a former member of the Fifth Corps of BiH Army - committed war crime against civilians. He allegedly killed a Serb woman by knifing her neck with a bayonet and throwing her body into a well.

The victim's body was eventually discovered, and a DNA analysis of the remains is currently underway.

Sipic's Defence has objected the potential custody order, arguing that "the Prosecutor has not referred to the circumstances under which the suspect might influence the witnesses, as their names are not indicated".

"The suspect admitted the crime, which means that he provided the facts related to the commitment of the crime. This implies that his potential attempts to influence the witnesses are irrelevant," said Binasa Abaspahic, the suspect's attorney.

The Court of BiH will render its decision concerning the custody order motion at a later stage.
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