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28 March 2013

Tinja Detainees Without Injuries

Adelina Hadzic BIRN BiH Tuzla
Defence witnesses told the Cantonal court in Tuzla that detained members of the Territorial defence of Tinja were not detained in the Smoluca prison.
Witness Risto Jovanovic said he did not notice injuries on any of the Territorial defence members in the summer of 1992.
“I visited the prison as President of the Crisis staff in Smoluca twice. I brought food and shaving kits and was there for 15 minutes,” said Jovanovic.
He denied he was forced to defend Nadil Poljakovic, whom he knew from before. 

“He told the court all the best about me, but it’s a lie,” said Jovanovic.
Milorad Cvijanovic-Micko, Milorad Cvijanovic (son of Milan), Svetomir Ilic and Vaso Ilic are accused of crimes committed in Smoluca.
According to the indictment, they are charged, as members of the Territorial Defence of the Army of Republika Srpska, for war crimes against prisoners in Lukavac in June and July of 1992.
Witness Dusan Krstic said he was present when Nadil Poljakovic was detained, but he also denied he was forced to defend Poljakovic from others.
“I am happy he talks to me in a positive note, but I had nothing to do with it. I did not untie him or help him,” said Krstic.
The third witness Snjezana Mitrovic answered questions about a statement in which it is alleged she beat Edin Malkic with one more woman. She denied even knowing Malkic.
“In April 1992 I went to Kikinda and I was there for six months,” said Mitrovic. The Prosecution asked for Malkic and Mitrovic to be called to testify together.
Ljubomir Todorovic, former Commander of the Wartime headquarters in Smoluca, also denied that the abuse of Bosniak prisoners took place.
“I went near the yard of the prison several times and I saw them, but I did not see injuries. No one ever told me that someone abused or hurt them,” said Todorovic.
He added that he never went to the garage alone, but with company. He added that the exchange of the four detainees was organized by him.
The trial will resume on Thursday, March 28.
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